Besides being a Registered Dietitian, I am better described as a wanderer, a seeker, a creator and a healer.

I am at a place in my journey where it feels right to share my passions. To motivate a new way of living.

This is a space dedicated to you. I would love to hear in which way I could serve you. I am open to private consultations as well as discussing topics in a public way. I Realize as a dietitian that there is an lot of information out there and where to find the truth and where to begin and how to incorporate the needed changes are overwhelming. Allow me to assist you.

This blog is dedicated to women all over the world. Women looking to take control of their health and their bodies and make fertility decisions based on awareness and education. This is aimed at women of all ages and especially the journey of pregnancy. Everything that fits into the WHOLE approach to healing and living from the best body, mind and spirit.